Newsletter September 2010

Offer of the Month

We’re starting these newsletters with a couple of special offers to try to get over the problem that no-one wants to order anything in the last weeks of September and October as they’re all waiting in hopes of discounts at the Showman’s Show.  On principle we don’t do show specials, we keep our prices low all year and don’t juggle them for different customers.

We need the space, so are offering our ALUMINIUM Cheltenham type stacking chairs, in your choice of frame colour, Aluminium-Chair-special-offerwith a seat pad, for just £25 each.  These chairs usually retail at £32, so it’s a great saving – they can be used indoors or out, look identical to the wooden version, but are lighter to transport and won’t fall to bits when the glue gets damp.  We’ve successfully sold burnt gold, (see Joe below covered in gold powder), silver, black and white, but will have a go at other colours on request.

Bar Counters
We’ve improved the lighting strips for the front of our bars, and now offer a colour changing strip which gives a wash of seven different colours, or can be left on a colour changing programme at varying speeds.  We had to put the prices up since last year’s introductory offer, but this month’s special offer is 10% off any bar counter, backs, corners, bags, speed rails or ice buckets IF ordered before the Showman’s Show, 20th October (we expect to be inundated then).

Twinkling TableWe are re-introducing our lit twinkling battery operated tables – rounds or trestles, with the same Zigby technology as our starlight twinkling floors.  A controller in each table sends and receives the signal from a remote control handset, operating all the tables in the marquee, either static all on, all off, or twinkling at various speeds.  With up to 64 ultrabrite LEDs per table, the 24v rechargeable batteries last between eight and ten hours constant use, and there are no trailing wires as the LED and wiring is sandwiched in the tabletop in manufacture.  Prices from £200 including battery pack and charger.

 We are negotiating with a German manufacturer to distribute their battery powered LED portable light fittings.  We think they’ll be great for the marquee and event business. Very simple to use, controlled by remote fob, either select the colour to suit the customer or event, or programme a colour changing sequence for amazing effects.  Low voltage, no wiring, easy to just place around the marquee, we will be offering uplighters, spot lights, table centres and lit poseur/cocktail/wedding cake tables.  We are working on pricing and literature now, and will be showing them at the BPM Exhibition at the NEC from 2nd-4th October (aimed at DJs, discos, clubs etc) with the lit bars, lit tables etc.  If anyone would like a free ticket, give us a call.  We’ll also have everything at the Showman’s Show in Newbury, on Avenue F on 20th and 21st October, with the usual coffee and burgers to keep out the cold.

For all these high tech products, we’ve had to enlist the help of the younger generation – they’re the only ones not terrified by the new 32 tool twin head, twin table CNC machine.  Simply press and go, stand back and it replaces at least four Italians AND is fast and accurate!  

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We are always happy to hear from you.

Best wishes from Grumpy Joe and the Team

Joe Weston Webb powder coated in gold







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