October 2010 News

Union JackBuy British

We’re now having to fight the new Chinese copy of our
black and white and aluminium floor.
It’s an exact copy, so we should be proud, imitation is the highest form of flattery, but it’s not tried and tested, and comes by the containerful with no knowledge, skill or warranty. Just another way to make a quick buck on the back of someone else’s ideas and business.

We’re already competing with the rich Americans who’ve pinched my trade names and now the Chinese knock off merchants! We are one of the few British manufacturers not closed down by draconian health and safety laws, paying British employees in pounds and paying our taxes every week (well, most weeks). Stick with us and we’ll try to match their prices and see them off. Buy British and let’s try to keep at least something being made here and not in China.

Further thoughts from Chairman Joe!

Grumpy's AngelsYou may remember our happy band of gluing ladies (some of them were orphans and they used to huddle round the fax machine, hoping for a parquet dance floor order).
They were so busy over the millennium that they didn’t get their Christmas party till mid January, and several had babies that September!
With the switch in popularity from parquet to black and white and acrylic, they’ve been nearly redundant, but we’ve now retrained and have them happily soldering LEDs into our new twinkling products. We’ve had to add in some grandchildren and other family members at weekends and school holidays to keep up with demand, but we now know it wasn’t just sniffing the glue that kept them giggling and chatting – they’re just a happy bunch.
They felt left out when Joe ordered the Grumpy Joe corporate polo’s and fleeces for the Showman’s Show, and he stupidly agreed that they could order their own uniform. We now have black shirts with twinkling stars and fluorescent GRUMPY’S ANGELS emblazoned over the back, not the discreet logo we were expecting.

This month’s blog offer

We don’t do show offers on principle, but anyone ordering ANYTHING before the end of November and mentioning GRUMPY’S ANGELS can either have free delivery or 5% discount, whichever is greater.

We’re still over-run with the brilliant ALUMINIUM Cheltenham type chairs and need the space back. Aluminium-Chair-special-offer We can powder coat the frames any colour and at only £25 each, INCLUDING the seat pad they’re a steal!
REMEMBER VAT goes up to 20% in January, so if you’re not VAT registered (or like us have always got cash flow problems) – get your orders in before Christmas.
Don’t wait till next season and hope they’re still available.

Showmans Show 20th – 21st October

We’re at the Showmans Show on Newbury Showground 20th and 21stOctober, and really hope to see old friends and customers there. As usual we’ll have free bacon rolls, burgers and hot drinks; it’s not a hard sell, just a chance to catch up and demo old and new products. Ask one of the team for a ticket and order whatever food you fancy free of charge. We had to bring this system in as word spread that the food and drink was free last year, and we gave away three times as much as usual to all the car park and security staff and half of Newbury came for breakfast and lunch.

As Joe can’t stop himself buying ‘bargains’ at auctions, you may know we sell all sorts of stuff on Ebay as Joe’s Auction Sales. We’ve all been so busy lately, we’ve not had time to list new items, so we’ll confuse even more visitors at the show with an array of miscellaneous but interesting bargains – absolutely nothing to do with our products, but he’s 73 and has to be allowed his hobbies. So – if anyone’s interested in wobble display stands in several sizes, very unique, a coin operated elephant children’s ride, or two very snazzy quad bikes, one sporty and one more sedate, you can see, try and take them home from the show.

Poseur Table - Shown with coverCake/Presentation TableFor taking home with you, we’ll also have our acrylic floor cleaner, carpet tape and double-sided tape, wedding cake stands and lit battery operated poseur/cocktail tables with their own custom trolley (holds ten), as well as the demo floors and trolleys after the show.

Visit our website at www.GrumpyJoe.co.uk

and finally

If you think you’ve got transport problems…

Dance Floor Car BashWhen we bought our new tail lift van and managed to drop the first lit floor trolley onto the customer’s car on its first delivery, we didn’t think we could beat that for a story. We’ve just moved up into needing a 7.5 tonner, with all the hassle of operator’s licences, six-week inspections, etc. On the first trip, we managed to roll it backwards on a hill start, causing a thousand pounds worth of damage to the transit van behind. (No picture available, the van driver was too irate). Our new lorry squashedOn the second day, we got a fine for being caught in a bus lane. We lectured the driver, and he really tried hard to keep out of trouble on the third day, but had to swerve on a narrow lane and caught the corner of the box on a low branch – and wrote the lorry body off. He managed to get a train home, but was late back, so couldn’t do his deliveries next day, and we had to get to Somerset and winch the Multi Hire Accidentbody back on, fix it with ratchet straps and limp it home.
So.. please don’t ask why we have to charge for deliveries.
It’s not a new problem as the picture of our lorry and trailer on its side across the M1 from our Multi-Hire days will show – and that was on its way to the MFI factory Christmas party. It’s really no wonder Joe’s Grumpy.


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