November 2010 News

It was great to see you all!

 Showman Stand 2010The Showman’s Show seems like a distant memory – and many thanks to all those who ordered and kept the gluing ladies and Grumpy’s Angels in work. It’s become a social occasion for us as well as a place to show our new products, and we had a great three days in Newbury, good weather, and a chat with lots of old friends.

You’ll be pleased to know that Ralph really enjoyed himself and is feeling much better now!Cheltenham Chair

We still have some of the ALUMINIUM GILT BANQUETING CHAIRS available at the bargain price of £22.50 including seat pad. They look identical to a wooden Cheltenham type chair, but won’t fall to bits if they get left outside in the rain. Frame can be powder coated any colour – don’t miss out, VAT is going up in January, and we need the space.

Second-hand black and white tent floorWe’ve also got a 16ft x 16ft second hand black and white tent floor, used once and in very good condition, for sale, with edging and trolley. List price is £1733, and it’s available to the first caller for £1500. All prices plus VAT and delivery. This is the floor with the timber battens, same profile and clips as Weblok tent floor, with 15mm exterior ply base and 3mm cast acrylic top, all contained in a three quarter inch aluminium angle. It looks identical to Publok when laid, but is much less expensive and more robust. It will lay directly onto grass or any surface, indoors or out, without needing a level subfloor below.

Sparky 3rd our newest employeeWe’ve just had a notice to provide additional extraction in the lighting room to protect Grumpy’s Angels from the solder fumes under Workplace Exposure Limits (WEL) and Local Exhaust ventilation (LEV).  As usual, Joe’s come up with a traditional remedy, and we now have Sparky 3rd, a singing canary, as a permanent resident – if he’s ok, the lighting ladies are safe.
(Don’t ask what happened to Sparky 1 and 2.) We’re now trying to buy sawdust free timber!

Raising the flagAt the Showman’s Show we dutifully filled in the required method statements and risk assessments, but Jody and Sym took the law into their own hands to ensure we raised the Union Jack and the St George Cross. This is very important to us all as we battle the inferior Chinese copies of our floors. Also our competitors is now wholly American owned – some of their products may be made in Derbyshire, but they have been kings of knock off Chinese products for several years.

Wireless lit dance floorWe’ve heard rumours that they are bad mouthing our WIRELESS twinkling acrylic dancefloor don’t believe a word of it – our new floor connectors are now 100% foolproof, the floor has 8 connectors per panel and no bulky and time consuming wiring loom, and lays as fast as a regular Publok type dance floor. We warranty them for a year, and have many satisfied customers (and a waiting list). Remember, I Joe the first wired LED dance floor version, and had nothing but trouble with wiring and plugs being pulled out by careless staff, or vibrating out in use. The wireless version is not only easier to use, but also MUCH CHEAPER.

Wireless Poseur TableIf you didn’t make it to Newbury, have a look on the web at our new lit products – lit bar counters, a battery operated twinkling wedding cake stand and  a really popular cocktail/poseur table with the led’s and rechargeable batteries hidden in the pedestal  leg, with remote controlled colour changing (seven colours) – great with or without a cover. We’re also now making custom trolleys for the knockdown and folding cocktail tables – making storing and moving them much easier.

And finally …… 

Jody in the very small shower
Jody, Joe’s son in the hotel bathroom in Newbury

Are people in Newbury shorter than in Nottingham?


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