January 2011 News

January’s half way through already, and Christmas holidays seem a distant memory. Joe still managed to look Grumpy on a boat in the Caribbean, but he’d just heard we’d been robbed again (4am Christmas morning) so he was having a bad day.

He might have been worrying about Sparky the canary, but we’re pleased to report that he’s alive and well and looking forward to seeing the Health and Safety inspector again soon.

We’ve been kept busy luckily with lots of orders for our new lit folding tables, folding lit wedding cake stands, poseur tables and lit dance floors which are now being sold in the States.

We’ve even got orders for four lit floors on American cruise ships.

Over Christmas we made stage tops for the Strictly Come Dancing Touring Show, as well as relaquering their 1250 parquet panels. (Did you know, one man lays those panels in two and a half hours on his own, with just casual labour to fetch and carry – that must be a world record). The stage has to split into four and is wheeled off from the centre of the arena during the show – all very impressive, but unfortunately, the dancers were slipping on the shiny surface. We’re having the tops back overnight this week and refinishing them non-slip, to fit in with their very tight schedule, and keeping everything crossed that none of the lacquer line or sanders break down!

We went to see the show when it visited Nottingham last weekend, and it really is spectacular; well worth a visit. Even Grumpy got quite emotional as we rarely see the floors laid and in use, and 1250 panels newly lacquered looked fantastic.

Due to current financial pressures we have had to make redundancies in our complaints department. If you do ring through with a problem you now have the option of speaking to our Indian call center or Grumpy Joe. Good luck (or the best of British) which ever option you choose!

P.S. We have a top of the range Wyvern organ available for sale at a bargain price. It’s the biggest organ made which doesn’t need pipes, and would suit a cathedral or theatre. Who knows why Joe bought it? Why does he keep buying organs when he can’t play? Why do we now have six organs of various shapes and sizes taking up valuable storage space? If you know anyone who may be interested,  please do give us a call on 01509 670 006 because we’re getting fed up of people whistling”Oh we do like to be beside the seaside” each time they go past…


About grumpyjoes

Inventor of the "lok" floor system.
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