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We know we’re running late with this blog, but luckily we’ve been so busy, no-one’s even allowed in the office, let alone to sit down and actually write anything. The good news is, we’ve finally splashed out on an answering machine – we know it’s annoying, but we will ring you back at the next available tea break. The safest way is probably to email if you can’t get hold of us – it’s usually only this chaotic until everyone settles down in August.

We’ve just returned from another adventure – our delivery of parquet was delayed and we urgently needed to stuff a container bound for Russia. Carriers couldn’t meet our deadline, so we made the slightly rash decision to fetch it ourselves from Portugal. (Its only 1400 miles each way, and very scenic.) The trusty Landcruiser and trailer made it as far as Bordeaux before collapsing into limp mode (top speed 40mph and no chance of pulling an overloaded trailer back).

The trusty Landcruiser

"We use it for jobs that the 7.5 tonne truck can’t cope with"

 After a gruelling hot afternoon in the French rush hour, we found the Toyota dealer, as advertised in the manual and on the internet, had moved 15 YEARS AGO. After a quiet sob, the prospect of a £2000 bill and a five day delay, Joe threw a tantrum and the car perked up and completed the journey. The turbo’s fine, it was just a leaky pipe.

So.. if anyone’s interested, the trusty Landcruiser is available for sale – it’s a Y reg, done lots of miles, but is an amazingly powerful towing vehicle. We use it for jobs that the 7.5 tonne truck can’t cope with.

Being based at the marina, and having run trip boats for many years (Joe holds a Boat Master’s licence so can perform weddings and funerals at sea), we are finally hanging up the lock keys and selling two trip boats, Soar Bottom Lady 1 and 2. You don’t need a special licence to operate if you take no more than twelve passengers, and it really is a good way to spend the summer and earn some extra cash.

Soar Bottom Lady 1 and 2

"it really is a good way to spend the summer and earn some extra cash"

We used to do evening trips to restaurants, barbecues, picnics, romantic champagne breakfast cruises, fish and chip suppers, scattering human remains, as well as short public trips at shows or from riverside pubs. Anyone interested in starting a trip boat business on a shoestring, get in touch. Both boats have reliable inboard motors, fully tested and legal – ready to earn.

Back to business – we have recently added an online shop, accessible through our web pages. It’s for those who can’t wait for office hours or don’t want to risk getting Grumpy Joe on the phone. All the prices include carrier delivery. VAT is added on checkout, so it looks more expensive than the web price list. It’s definitely better to ring or email us for a quote for multiple items so we can reduce the shipping price, but if you just want to order a pair of dance floor corners or the odd panel at midnight, its quick and easy, and provided it’s in stock, we’ll despatch with a next day courier.

Anyone interested in our grid floor – supplied in aluminium or galvanised steel – remember we now make a metric version of the old Weblok boarded tent floor, so it fits your structures perfectly every time. It’s the only dual purpose tent floor – use it on our perfectly level slot together grid or directly onto the ground. We’re still making the original 8ft x 2ft tent floor boards as they’re a more economical option.

Due to popular demand, we’ve reintroduced the old ‘Four in One Games alley. The panels and edging connect in the same way as our dance floors, giving an alley 16ft long by 2ft 8in wide, with a 2ft catch box at the end and a ball return channel edging. The alley can be extended in 4ft multiples, and the games box comes complete with skittles and three composite bowls, a golf target game, putter and six golf balls, and two extra games, ring toss and horseshoes, which can be played indoors on the alley, or outdoors on grass next to the alley. This is a great hire item for fetes, charities, pubs, parties, scouts etc, giving them the kit for up to three games at once, and a very good return at only £495 plus VAT.

Another new product is the first mobile regulation dart match board. This comes complete with regulation length ockey, professional dart board and two good sets of darts, score board with light, marker pens and heavy duty PVC all weather cover. This folds neatly away after use, but can be used indoors or out for a professional darts tournament, with no risk of damaging the surrounding décor. Another really simple and profitable hire item at only £495 plus VAT.

Hope everyone’s tents stayed put in this dreadful windy weather – can hardly believe it’s nearly the end of May. We’ll always remember the aptly named Swallow structure Owen Brown’s proudly demonstrated for the first time at Hertfordshire Show, and true to its name, it completely blew away – in July.

Remember, beware Chinese imitations, rich American playboys and BUY BRITISH. Support British manufacturers, we’re an endangered species!

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