About Grumpy Joe

Grumpy Joe, alias Joe Weston-Webb, was educated at Harrow School, but gave up the chance to run the sucessful family hosiery business in favour of running stunt schools for girls, promoting The Greatest Show on Earth, shooting girls from cannons and catapults, touring the world with zany stunt shows, wrestling crocodiles, promoting pantomimes etc. On the serious side, Joe designed and manufactured Florlok, Publok and Weblok, the industry standard clip together portable floor system, now used extensively worldwide. Joe’s motto is ‘Flooring is Boring’, although it has allowed him to travel the world and then open Fiasco’s, the zany alternative and very amusing comedy dinner show in Orlando, Florida. Where dining meets Disaster, a night of fine dining, ruined by staff and technology. Unforgettable for many reasons, Fiascos was hit by Hurricane Charlie, which  took off 80ft of the roof and damaged much of the equipment, then by two further hurricanes, and is now sadly closed.

Whilst living in Orlando in 2003, Joe opened a warehouse to distribute his flooring products, and in his spare time opened Joe’s Auction Sales. With help from Brian, a Disney fanatic and collector, Joe became an approved vendor of Disney World memorabilia, and sold all sorts of vehicles, concession carts, parts of discontinued rides, parts of the submarines from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, etc. He still has an impressive collection of rare badges, animation frames from the studios, tapes and letters, and loves anything connected with the great man. Joe’s uncle Peter was one of the first investors to help Walt when he had the dream of creating Disney Land in Los Angeles, so there is a family connection. Joe still occasionally has rare and interesting articles (as well as boring plant and machinery) for sale through Ebay or on his merchandise page.

Having returned to the U.K. in 2006, Joe has been forced to come out of retirement and is again back at Redhill Marina manufacturing his range of flooring and furniture for the rental and hospitality industries. (See Why is Joe Grumpy? for the unbelievable story of how he was betrayed and lost his business and his trademarks.) Joe is the first to admit he’s not a businessman, he’s not money motivated, but he has had an incredible and exciting life, doesn’t take himself too seriously and above all, is a showman who lives to entertain and have fun.