Bizarre Locations

The BBC made a 50 minute film in the Man Alive series on Joe and one of his Family Fun Days which won Best Documentary awards – and repeats on TV, and Joe also did a 30 minute show for Channel 9 Japanese TV with two of the motobirds – where he was arrested as a suspected terrorist for walking near a railway line – he also honestly did not know that stunt shows were illegal in Japan, but wondered why the filming had to take place on a remote island and not in Tokyo, – another unbelievably funny story – luckily rescued by the man from the British Embassy who spoke no Japanese, had only been in Japan for two days, and knew less than Joe about the situation.

In between these exciting episodes, Joe designed a clever clip together portable dance floor, and a level tent flooring system, which was immediately copied and took years and thousands of pounds to protect. He designed and built the first double decker clear span tented structures for hospitality events, which allowed him to build tents supported by the floor system without stakes, meaning he could hold events on rooftops, the decks of ships and many other bizarre locations. He sold and built tented structures in Saudi Arabia on several occasions (yes, there were dramas – on an impossibly tight deadline, the trailer back axle caught fire in the middle of nowhere, the driver didn’t keep in touch and Joe was having to reassure the Royal Commission on the truck’s progress with only a child’s atlas to help him guess where the tent had got to each day.] It arrived just in time – and he escaped the life sentence we were assured he’d get if he’d failed to deliver. He is still officially on call to the Saudi Arabian Royal family, should they want the tent built again.

He toured all the major UK sporting events with this equipment for two years; being Joe,

queen pic

"she teetered on the edge for what seemed like ages"

of course nothing ran smoothly – and although the show always DID go on, there were many close calls and hilarious behind the scenes dramas – tents held up in customs whilst 100 waiters and waitresses in uniform tried to lay up tables for 1000 VIP guests in an empty Scottish field, two days before the Open Golf – with everyone laying bets Joe wouldn’t get out of trouble on this one – but he always pulled it off in the end. Or the stoned employee at the same Golf Championships who turned the pump to BLOW instead of SUCK whilst emptying the mobile toilets and caused a 30ft mushroom jet of sewage just as the guests were arriving for champagne cocktails, or the staff going on strike just before the Queen arrived to open the new Wedgewood factory, and the tent men had drunk the bar dry and were sleeping it off in the flower bed where she would be walking by, or laying the red carpet over the oil spill on the podium where the queen was to open Brighton Marina, and then trying to avert disaster as she followed the carpet to the edge of the stage where there were no steps for her to go down – she teetered on the edge for what seemed like ages and then very professionally side stepped over to the steps. We were not amused, but Joe escaped by the skin of his teeth again.

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