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where dining meets disaster

Deciding that “FLOORING IS BORING”, he used the ideas from his boat trips and Café Chaos, and semi retired to America in 2003, where he set up and ran a popular comedy dinner show in Orlando, Florida, called FIASCOS (where dining meets disaster). In true British spirit, despite not being quite ready for opening night, with the builders still working on the scaffolding to get the venue ready on a shoestring, an ever changing audience could be entertained with first class food, great entertainment (some of the magic tricks worked, but the circus acts definitely needed assistance) and a distraught head waiter (Grumpy Joe) trying desperately against all odds to make the evening a success for the guests celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc. Joe was trying desperately against all odds to give the guests a fantastic night out, let down by staff and technology. Although this was greatly appreciated by the English tourists, and with many thanks to Cal and the Virgin Holiday reps, who regularly brought coach loads of visitors, Fiascos was hit in 2004 by three major hurricanes, losing its roof, and could not survive.

During this time, Joe’s kids were left to run the family flooring business. The business which had been flourishing nosedived. Joe’s son, Michael, and his book-keeper, David Sharratt, (look him up on the net) whilst employed by Joe, set up a new company called Portable Floormaker Limited on 6/1/2005. Joe’s company Portable Floormakers Limited was put into administration six months later on 30/06/05 by Michael, and twenty minutes later the new company Portable Floormaker Limited purchased the assets of Joe’s company from the administrator at a knock down price. When Joe came back from America, he no longer owned his business, had no money and no income.

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