Stunt School for girls


"Mum, Mum, look at that crocodile"

Then there was the Stunt School for girls, the car turned into a boat motoring down the River Thames, the steam roller that ran away and flattened all the cars in a car park and ended in a stream, the man who lived in the telephone kiosk, the stuffed crocodile floating down the stream as the kids came out of school (Mum, Mum, look at that crocodile – SMACK – don’t be stupid and look where you’re going), and many, many more ‘silly season’ end of the news staged stories. Joe also provided the ideas, stunt performers and equipment for many TV and film adverts and shows, including Clunk Click seatbelts – demonstrated by shooting a girl through a sheet of (sugar) glass from the cannon, Skol lager versus the snow bank – which is more refreshing, a girl shot from the cannon into snow or a drink of lager, Game for a Laugh, the Noel Edmonds Show, David Frost and Paradine Promotions, most of the Breakfast TV shows, cigarette adverts, Vodka adverts, film stunt doubles, target shooting girls into lakes, Bulmers cider promotions, Long Life beer promotions – all zany, spectacular and unusual, but planned and professionally executed.

As someone who could not help but invent something new every week, in between earning a living from his rental company, he was promoting outdoor family fun days every Bank Holiday and touring the country with a stunt team every weekend. First the Destruction Squad, a team of four stunt men who smashed a furniture van, a coach and ten cars in their display. They were featured regularly on TV programmes such as Magpie and Blue Peter, and had a fan club, souvenirs and regular news letter.

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