The Motobirds

the Motobirds

The Motobirds

Following this success, Joe formed the first all girl car and motorcycle stunt team, the Motobirds. They toured for four years, appearing at all the major outdoor shows as well as TV appearances and replaced Evel Knievel when he was injured on the first date of his English tour. Girls from the team appeared on the Japanese Channel 9 show ‘Pink Shock’ as well as performing the motorcycle stunts in many TV and film commercials, and were invited to join the White Helmets, the army motorcycle stunt team for a training day and a try over their horrendous selection endurance course.

Joe’s not had much luck with fires

"Joe’s not had much luck with fires"

One of the girls, Theresa, achieved the World Record for riding a motorcycle through the longest tunnel of fire – shortly before setting fire to Joe’s sales kiosk by pouring petrol instead of fat into the donut machine. Theresa also managed to set fire to the Motobirds trailer on the way back from a show – and Joe’s rental shop burnt to the ground uninsured at about the same time . Joe’s not had much luck with fires – when his cannon caught fire whilst parked outside a hotel in Hull after a big show, no-one told him or called the fire brigade – even the policeman watching said he “thought it was a cannon and probably supposed to smoke like that.”.

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